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About Us

After spending 8 plus years producing videos for the young YouTube lifestyle and sport audience, Oceanside Productions was created to expand this talent and experience into a professional role and clientele. Having spent hours attempting difficult shots in unfriendly lighting trying to produce that one in a million candid video that is shared virally is an accelerated and condensed boot camp training atmosphere that develops unique videographic skills. This experience, as the cornerstone, empowers our ability to quickly translate what’s needed to produce the video you’re looking for. At Oceanside Productions, we’re excited to help you communicate your message to your audience visually in a professionally produced video that will bring results.

This is what we're good at!'

Our chosen focus and experience are in the following video production areas:

  • Real-Estate Listing Videos
  • Business Marketing Videos
  • Personal Profile Videos
  • Sport Activity Videos
  • Drone Arial Videos
  • Event Videos

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